Morning Mashup 06/08



A mashup of Kindle deals, articles, and videos for your information, edification, and enjoyment.


C.S. Lewis’s Remarkable (and Surprising) Sermon | Justin Taylor

Seventy-five years ago tomorrow C.S. Lewis ascended the pulpit at the University Church of St Mary the Virgin in Oxford and delivered “The Weight of Glory,” one of the most insightful sermons of the twentieth century.

6 Ways to Influence a Culture of Evangelism | Taylor Turkington

We must depend on Jesus for help to lead well, but we must also be intentional. So how do we lead well in evangelism? The tone we set in our community changes the way those around us see the value of proclaiming the gospel. Here are six ideas to consider as others watch you.

On Abortion and Racism: Why There is a Greater Evil in this Election | Thabiti Anyabwile

It’s been more difficult to be an African-American and an “Evangelical” or “Reformed” these last few years. It was never an easily negotiated identity or space. But a certain quietude about matters of “race” and racism made it possible to enjoy a measure of unity in theological matters and some seeming trust as spiritual family. A degree of political affinity, defined largely by the obvious wrongs we opposed, created a co-belligerence that kept our eyes off our differing political needs and emphases along ethnic lines. Suspicion and mistrust were kept at bay by a tacit sense that some things were more important.

Can You Name All Ten Commandments? If Not, This (and 18 Other Questions) Could Get You Deported | Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra

These questions, among the nearly 20 questions in CT’s quiz below, have been asked of Christian converts from Islam who are applying for asylum in the United Kingdom. Wrong answers put them at a high risk of deportation.

6 Theses on Online Writing and Civility | Jake Meador

Put another way, the problem with internet writing isn’t just the particular internet tools we use; it’s also with the people using the tools. And those same people who make such a mess on blogs or public social media channels are the ones populating our private forms of online media. So even if we no longer have to deal with particularly destructive tools, we still must deal with the destructive sins we ourselves commit every day. A shift toward more private media, then, may help reduce the impact of certain problems created in part by bad technology, but it cannot solve the problem entirely.

Four Ways for Fathers to Engage at Home | Jeremy Adelman

Admittedly, it is often difficult to remain engaged at home. After a long day, it is easy to detach from our family and enter the worlds of media, technology, and sports. Our minds are occupied with the work we left behind or looking forward to the sleep that is to come, but God calls us to more as husbands and fathers.Here are four ways, among many, that men can be more engaged at home.

Fahrenheit 381 | Carl Trueman

Trueman and others at Mortification of Spin have called complementarian leaders (CBMW & TGC) to the carpet on serious charges of Trinitarian heresy. I’ll be following this exchange closely.



Morning Mashup 10/06

A mashup of six articles I found edifying, informative, interesting, and/or entertaining.

13 Texas Abortion Clinics Closed – Slowly, but surely. I pray these small steps would lead to the eventual eradication of legal abortion.

Saving the Three “E”‘s – Thought-provoking post about living out the Christian faith in the workplace.

Help, I Married the Wrong Person – No, not me. Wait, did my wife post this link?? Anyway, if you have ever thought you have married the wrong person, Courtney Reissig has some words of encouragement for you.

How Should Christians Think About Religious Violence? – Does the violence done by so-called Christians over the course of history excuse the violence done by ISIS? How should Christians respond to the hindrance of historic religious violence that keeps people from believing the gospel? Jonathan Parnell provides some helpful thoughts.

6 Great Reasons to Study Doctrine – Many see no practical relevance to the study of doctrine. TIm Challies takes care of these concerns in this short, yet helpful post.

Bleep! Why Christians Shouldn’t Cuss – Does the BIble give a list of words that we are to avoid? No. However, there are ample biblical reasons to avoid cussing.

Finally, if you missed Lecrae on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, you can see his performance here:

The worst sin that ever happened was in God’s plan, and by that sin, sin died. –John Piper

Morning Mashup 09/29

How Lecrae Mixed Rap and Theology to Find Huge , Mainstream Success – Lecrae: “We’re the Gideons, we’re the Davids. Even Jesus himself made himself of no reputation. It’s when you can link it back to God doing it, I think that’s what he loves. He’s not a megalomaniac, he’s deserving of glory and honor, and to use individuals that demonstrate that it was him, and him alone, it accomplishes his mission and that’s success.”

Is Divorce Equivalent to Homosexuality? – An awesome question with an equally awesome answer from Russell Moore.

“Traditional” Baptists and Calvinism – Southern Baptists argue about Calvinism and its place in Baptist theology. But some go so far as to claim “free will” as the traditional view of salvation in the SBC. Thomas Kidd is very helpful to hash out this matter. He writes, “It is one thing for Baptist non-Calvinists to argue that theirs is the biblical position on soteriology. But it is another thing to claim the ‘traditional’ label for free will.”

10 Historical Myths About World Christianity – “In the first meeting of the postgraduate World Christianity course ‘Selected Themes in the Study of World Christianity’ held on 15 September 2014, Professor Brian Stanley presented what he perceives as the top ten historical myths about World Christianity.”

Jameis Winston Has “Embarrassed” His Hometown – A local resident says, “His parents haven’t held him accountable, his coaches haven’t and the police in Tallahassee haven’t. I feel bad for him. I pray for him. Because so many people who are supposed to be leaders are failing Jameis.”

Three Things to Remember When You Read the Bible – Jonathan Parnell makes three observations that we must remember before we open the pages of our Bibles.

Read one thinker and you become a clone. Read two and you become confused. Read a hundred and you start to become wise. –Tim Keller