Morning Mashup 09/22

Why Christian Parents Should Not Want Good, Happy, Safe Kids – David Prince: “‘I cannot believe that you would do that!’ That incredulous assertion is an all too familiar response from parents (including myself) who discover a child has sinned. But for Christian parents, such an assertion is anti-Christ because it constitutes speaking as if the gospel is not true.”

To Your Tents O Israel – Jason Allen, president of Midwestern Theological Seminary, reflects on former SBTS president Roy Honeycutt’s “Holy War” sermon.

6 Reasons Women Should Study Theology – Jen Thorn: “Ultimately it is impossible for any Christian to ignore theology (the study of God) and grow strong in the faith. It’s not that I believe we need fewer books on marriage and homemaking, but that we need more theology in and around everything we do.”

Daily Dose of Greek – An exciting and new resource from Dr. Robert Plummer to help with the study of biblical Greek.

Can I Ever Wear My Adrian Peterson Jersey Again? – Garrett Kell shares two lessons he has learned from the recent “nastiness” in the NFL. Much wisdom here.

Are We Using the Word ‘Brokenness’ Biblically? – We often speak of suffering and sin in terms of brokenness. Here are four reflections on whether or not our usage is biblical.

Hal Mumme: Godfather of College Football – “Talk all you want about the gridiron genius of Nick Saban, Gus Malzahn or Chip Kelly. But it’s Hal Mumme who brought you the game you’re watching today.”

The Stories Behind 10 Johnny Cash Songs – Very interesting post about the stories behind the songs.

And whatever needs nothing outside of itself, and is renowned and revered–wouldn’t we agree that it is most full of joy, too? –Boethius


Morning Mashup 09/17

Spanking, Abuse, and Modern Families – Dave Miller exposes the biblical call for parents to discipline their children and the striking difference between spanking and abuse. This should help in thinking through Adrian Peterson’s actions.

Was Richard Dawkins Right? – In Romans 8:28, “All things really means all things, including disabilities and genetic anomalies that will lead to much pain and suffering.”

Why Can’t Men Be Friends? – An open, honest, and important article from Wesley Hill on the absence of and the need for male friendship.

Survey Says Churches Are More Racially Diverse and Open to Homosexual Members – Joe Carter examines this recent trend.

Biblical Theology and the Sexuality Crisis – Albert Mohler: “The sexuality crisis has demonstrated the failure of theological method on the part of many pastors.”

Why Do Christians Worship on Sunday? – An excellent explanation from Daniel Hyde.

Another Novelist to Consider Reading – Kevin DeYoung recommends the reading of an author I have never heard of. After reading this post, I am heading over to Amazon to purchase a new book.

Christians Arrested at a Prayer Meeting in Saudi Arabia – Pray for these brothers and sisters.

Are They Really Worshipping God? – An important reminder that though kids may be singing, worship is much more than physical expression.

Read Slowly to Benefit Your Brain and Cut Stress – “At least 30 minutes of uninterrupted reading with a book or e-book helps.”

25 Brilliant “No Trespassing” Signs – Some of these are hilarious. Some are just disturbing. All of them I’d love to see someone test…or not.

God’s chief end is his glory, and he made us to find our highest joy in hallowing his name. –J.I. Packer

Morning Mashup 09/15

Adrian Peterson Indicted for Negligent Injury to a Child – Here are the details of the indictment of Adrian Peterson and the incident with his son.

What the Bible Teaches About Spanking – The indictment of Peterson will undoubtedly give rise to questions of the legitimacy of spanking as a form of parental discipline. Denny Burk outlines Andy Naselli’s biblical exposition of spanking in this post.

What We Can Learn from the Ray Rice Situation – Tony Dungy believes there are a few lessons we can learn from the Ray Rice situation.

California Southern Baptist Convention Expels ‘Third Way’ Church – In a unanimous decision, “The California Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Board voted Thursday (Sept. 11) to withdraw fellowship from a church whose pastor says he believes homosexual acts are not always sinful.”

Reflections on Mark Driscoll Stepping Down – This is a very poignant post on the Mark Driscoll situation. With the countless posts on Driscoll floating around online, this is one of the best.

Why I Still Go to Seminary – Why would a pastor go to seminary? J.A. Medders gives an awesome answer. As a Bible college and future seminary student, this was very encouraging. “Seminary doesn’t end with me; it’s end is the glory of God and the good of His people.”

Why We Need Both Clarity and Courage in Preaching – Trevin Wax: “Clarity and courage remain two of the most crucial characteristics of authentic Christian preaching. For they relate to the content of the message preached and to the style of its presentation.”

How God Cares For Those Who Don’t – Paul Maxwell: “Apathy is a unique mixture of haughty rebellion and suffering. God offers himself to the apathetic.”

It Takes a Mentor – Thomas Friedman: “[T]he need for schools to have a good grasp of what employers are looking for and for employers to be communicating with schools about those skills is greater than ever.”

Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Parent – Ironically, Steve Jobs did not throw his technological creations into his kids’ laps. Read why.

Finally, check out this amazing typewriter artist who was born with severe cerebral palsy. He will blow your mind!

Motivation without empowerment is empty rhetoric. –Eric Mason