Morning Mashup 10/03

Morning Mashup

A daily mashup of book recommendations, articles, and videos for your information, edification, and enjoyment.


Talking Points: Transgender | Vaughan Roberts | $4.99


Is God Anti-Gay? (Questions Christians Ask) | Sam Allberry | $6.79


Transforming Homosexuality: What the Bible Says about Sexual Orientation and Change | Denny Burk and Heath Lambert | $9.99



How Could Anyone Vote for Trump? | NY Times

Gail Collins: It’s possible Trump is just riding a swell of white-male alienation, but there’s a less depressing answer for his staying power. Americans have always been pretty pragmatic about the presidents they pick. Mostly, they go for change or not-change.

7 Reasons to Keep a Journal | TGC

Ivan Mesa: Some today view journaling as a sentimental token of a bygone age. For others, it’s a distraction from getting things done amid our frenetic pace of life. As one who has kept a journal for many years, journaling has been an invaluable means of grace in my Christian walk and a practical discipline with many benefits. Here are seven quick reasons I commend the practice…

If I Sleep for an Hour, 30 People Will Die | NY Times

I love WWII stories of rescue and heroism like this documentary of “The Forger.”

The Instagram Bible | Jen Wilkin

Beware the Instagram Bible, my daughters – those filtered frames festooned with feathered verses, adorned in all manner of loops and tails, bedecked with blossoms, saturated with sunsets, culled and curated just for you.

Remembering the Reformation Less Like Luther and More Like Calvin | Reformedish

Derek Rishmawy responds to Carl Trueman’s Baptists-are-bleh article on the Reformation.

Vaughan Roberts on Transgender | Tim Chester

Check out Chester’s excellent review of Roberts’ new book. You can purchase it here.

Has the Church Hurt You? | Desiring God

Paul Maxwell: Sometimes, the wounds we receive from the church are the result of unacceptable and negligent attitudes or behavior in the church. Often, they are the result of unrealistic and unbiblical expectations we enforce on our brothers and sisters in Christ.

A 5-Hour Work Day | Business Insider

Stephan Aarstol: Moving my staff to a five-hour workday was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made, but today my employees are happier, more productive, and invested in the business.

Les Miles’ Likely Destination | CBS Sports

As a Kentucky fan, I must say I am very much okay with this list.


HT: Kevin DeYoung

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