Morning Mashup 09/28

Morning Mashup

A daily mashup of book recommendations, articles, and videos for your information, edification, and enjoyment.


On Family Worship

Family Worship | Don Whitney | $7.25

Family Worship Book

A Neglected Grace: Family Worship in the Christian Home | Jason Helopoulos | $9.43


The Family Worship Book: A Resource Book for Family Devotions | Terry Johnson | $19.99


Family Shepherds: Calling and Equipping Men to Lead Their Homes | Voddie Baucham | $14.62



From ‘Dunderhead’ to Demagogue

Mr. Ullrich sets out to strip away the mythology that Hitler created around himself in “Mein Kampf,” and he also tries to look at this “mysterious, calamitous figure” not as a monster or madman, but as a human being with “undeniable talents and obviously deep-seated psychological complexes.”

5 Ways Efficiency Undermines Productivity | Matt Perman

When most people think of productivity, they think of efficiency—getting more things done in less time. It seems logical. If you have a lot to do, your tendency is to speed up. Surprisingly, if efficiency is your first and primary goal, it might actually undermine productivity. Here are five reasons why…

Labor, Delivery, and New Birth | Marshall Segal

Newborns may not be able to stay awake for more than a few hours, or do anything for themselves, but they can teach us an enormous amount about the most important things in the world.

The Freedom in Losing it All | Tullian Tchividjian

After two affairs, a divorce, and being fired from two churches, Tullian Tchividjian shares his journey through the consequences of his sin, which at one point nearly led to a suicide attempt.

Engage Your City with the Gospel | Femi Osunnuyi

The methods we use, the places we go and functions we play will differ according to our calling, gifts, passion, place and time in history. Nonetheless, all those who have been reconciled to God in Christ, placed and serving in local communities are required to reach out to the lost.



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