Morning Mashup 08/10


A daily mashup of Kindle deals, articles, and videos for your information, edification, and enjoyment.


Surprised by Oxford: A Memoir | Carolyn Weber | $1.99


Beating the College Debt Trap: Getting a Degree Without Going Broke | Alex Chediak | $1.99



Protecting the Future of Religious Higher Education | ERLC

The California Assembly has proposed legislation that is harmful to the free exercise of religion in higher education. In particular, the legislation disadvantages low-income minority students who want an education at private religious colleges.

How Can Learn to Receive and Give Criticism in Light of the Cross? | Justin Taylor

In other words, in Christ’s cross I agree with God’s judgment of me; and in Christ’s cross I agree with God’s justification of me. Both have a radical impact on how we take and give criticism.

President Obama, Life and Gender Clarity is Real Empowerment | David Prince

According to the design of God, we are gendered image bearers who should delight in and celebrate, not be embarrassed by, our distinct maleness or femaleness.

The Rio Olympics and Calvin’s Mission | Tim Challies

What does John Calvin have to do with the Rio Olympics? Tim Challies explains.

An Essential Key to Understanding the Development of the New Testament Canon | Michael Kruger

Unfortunately, the high level of interest in the New Testament canon is often combined with a high number of misconceptions about the canon.  For anyone willing to search for it, the internet is packed with myths, mistakes, and misunderstandings about how the whole process really worked. While there is no quick cure for such misconceptions, there is one essential key that really helps clear away the cobwebs.  And that key is understanding the different categories of books in early Christianity.

Video Games as a Scapegoat | Chris Martin

Is it sad when a Millennial man finds his life’s purpose in video games? Sure. But let’s stop pretending that’s more pathetic than a 50-year-old man who finds life’s purpose in his work.



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