Morning Mashup 08/05


A daily mashup of Kindle deals, articles, and videos for your information, edification, and enjoyment.


The 100 Most Important Events in Christian History | A. Kenneth Curtis | $1.99


Jesus Revealed: Know Him Better to Love Him Better | Mark Roberts | $1.99



The Supreme Court is Not a Sufficient Reason to Vote for Trump | Ian Tuttle

Weighed in balance, Donald Trump could be more of a threat to the Constitution than a Hillary Clinton-appointed Supreme Court liberal majority.

Bumps in the Road | Pat Aldridge

Anyone involved in ministry knows it can be bumpy, messy and hard at times. Usually we are dealing with someone else’s mess or the hardness of someone else’s life. This is what it means to be a shepherd and pastor. This is what soul care and discipleship look like. At other times we are dealing with a mess of our own making, a mess dealing with a hard situation that can be traced back us. How do we handle these bumps?

Repentance | Doctrine and Devotion

Joe Thorn and Jimmy Fowler deal honestly, pastorally, and theologically with the doctrine of repentance.

Have You Met Augustine the Evangelist? | Paul Sanchez

The image of Augustine as a pastor delivering evangelistic sermons doesn’t fit our mold. But the mountain of sermons he left shows the centrality of his preaching ministry. He preached four to five times every week. Imagine the energy this practice required. And his sermons reveal the kind of preacher he was, too—a passionate herald of the gospel of Christ. Without this side of his ministry, we will miss the authentic Augustine.

4 Ways the World Will Pressure You to Conform | Trevin Wax

Neither framing of our current situation fully captures the reality. The United States is neither Israel nor Babylon, and both frameworks face problems when applied too closely to today’s situation. Still, the metaphor of “exile” remains an apt description of Christians who are sojourners in this world. 

Apologies, Clarifications, and Slavery | Thabiti Anyabwile

My respect for Thabiti continues to grow with articles like this one.

Will I Disappear? | Amber Patrick

Will i disappear if i do not make myself known?

Kevin Durant’s Friendship With Russell Westbrook Strained | Boston Globe

It was with reluctance and hesitation that Kevin Durant admitted his break from the Oklahoma City Thunder was not neat and clean. His decision to sign with the Golden State Warriors was rather shocking and abrupt, and his relationship with one-time close teammate Russell Westbrook has suffered.



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