Morning Mashup 08/03


A daily mashup of Kindle deals, articles, and videos for your information, edification, and enjoyment.


The God I Don’t Understand: Reflections on Tough Questions of Faith | Christopher Wright | $3.99


Reasons for Faith (Foreword by Lee Strobel): Making a Case for the Christian Faith | Norman Geisler | $4.99


Triumph: The Untold Story of Jesse Owens and Hitler’s Olympics | Jeremy Schaap | $2.99



Donald Trump’s Character Counts | Michael Brendan Dougherty

But Grudem’s case for trusting Trump is not very persuasive. He simply asserts that the “most likely” outcome is that Trump would not renege on all his campaign promises, so voters have to assume he will follow through on them. There are serious problems with this argument.

Southern Seminary’s Skeleton in the Closet | Ashlie Stevens

Interesting look at an 1896 article about a crazy story about a mummy and Southern Seminary.

Why We Should Be Grateful for Flourishing Evangelical Seminaries | Joe Carter

Aside from the local church, there is arguably no more important religious institution than the schools that train ministers of the gospel. As history has shown, when they begin to drift into theological liberalism it has a profound and negative affect on the character of our nation and the vitality of our churches. We should be especially grateful that during a time when our country’s other institutions—from local colleges to the federal government—are becoming weaker and less trustworthy, our seminaries remain strong and committed to God’s Word.

America’s Lost Boys | Samuel James

At a time when our culture desperately needs bold and compassionate models of Christian masculinity, the prospect that an entire generation’s potential should be wasted on an addiction to stimulation is deeply sad. Sin is always double-edged like that—it’s a matter not only of doing what one ought not do, but also of neglecting to do what one ought. What might these millions of young men be doing, if they were not doing this?

Elevation Church Debuts Water Slide Baptismal | The Babylon Bee

Excellent satire is a sad commentary on society. Sad, but funny.

On Satire, with Karen Swallow Prior | Mere Orthodoxy

Speaking of satire, here is an excellent podcast the Mere Fidelity boys did with Karen Swallow Prior. Great stuff.

Six Practical Reasons ‘Free Will’ Matters | John Piper

In this article, I simply want to draw out some of the practical implications of believing that the human will is in bondage to preferring other things above God. We are freed from this bondage only when God’s sovereign grace opens the eyes of our hearts in such a way that we find Jesus Christ to be the most beautiful and desirable reality in the world. This is what happens when we are born again.

The Lord’s Supper is a Rehearsal Dinner | Derek Rishmawy

Jesus’ miracle at the wedding at Cana—turning water into the finest wine—was a sign of the coming of his kingdom, the glory of the wedding feast to come. Our celebration of the Lord’s Supper is like a wedding rehearsal we practice until our Lord returns.




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