Morning Mashup 07/20


A daily mashup of Kindle deals, articles, and videos for your information, edification, and enjoyment.


The Man Christ Jesus | Bruce Ware | $4.99



Lemonade Stands Ethics | Chris Brauns

Makes a point.

If It Makes You Happy | Reformation 21

“On one level, there is a great deal of truth to society’s answer to the world’s problems. Love is the answer. We just have to be clear about what love looks like in action.”

PTSD and Black Lives Matter | Branden Henry

“Suffering and trauma effects the way we think about ourselves and others, the way we interpret relationships, the way we raise our children, and on and on. My eyes are opening to the particular effects of trauma on an entire community of my neighbors, friends, clients, pastors, leaders; with the only unifying theme being their race.”

3 Things My Children Have Taught Me About Death | Michael Kelley

“Just two weeks ago, our family traveled to Texas to visit with my mother-in-law who was suffering from an aggressive kind of cancer. A few days after we arrived, I got word that my sweet grandmother had passed away. Then, a day before her funeral, my mother-in-law also went to be with the Lord. That means our family, and our three children, will be involved in two funerals of women they knew and loved in five days.

That’s a lot for anyone, but it feels like an awful lot for kids. And yet it is moments like these when our kids become our best teachers. Watching and being with our children has not only helped us grieve, but also has taught us a few things that I’ll remember forever about death and dying. I’d like to share a few of those with you today”

God Will Give You the Words, So Don’t Steal Them | Christianity Today

“Seasoned bloggers know that when they press publish, releasing their words into the wild abyss of the Internet, they lose a bit of themselves. Not just because their once-private words have become public, but because they can no longer control where, when, and how those words are used.”


Making Sense of Marriage


How the Gospel Turns Racial Apathy Into Empathy | Jason Meyer


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