Morning Mashup 07/18


A daily mashup of Kindle deals, articles, and videos for your information, edification, and enjoyment.


Loving your Wife as Christ Loved the Church | Larry McCall | $3.99

Loving Your Wife As Christ Loved the Church Book

Big Truths for Young Hearts | Bruce Ware | $4.99

Big Truth for Young Hearts Book


Behind the Tears in Baton Rouge | Oren Conner

“The God who saved us is the God who holds us together. There is much to do in Baton Rouge, and the churches in our city will be leaning on one another in the days to come. It feels like we’ve been punched in the gut again, and we need some time to catch our breath.

But for today, the people of Baton Rouge need your prayers as we groan for peace and plead with God to stir in our hearts a desire to be peacemakers in our broken city. Here are five specific prayer requests for Baton Rouge.”

A Simple Formula for Effective Preaching | Jonathon Woodyard

“Preaching that isn’t informed by biblical wisdom, faithful exegesis, and homiletical skill can cause massive damage. Get in the ring without grasping the basics, and the risks are high. Before we walk to the pulpit and unleash big ideas or rhetorical flourishes, we have to learn how to do what we are called to do.”

Yes, You Really Should Mark Up Your Books | Aaron Armstrong

I agree with Armstrong. Marking up your books will make you a better reader.

15 Productivity Tips for Pastors | Brandon Hilgemann

Really helpful advice for pastors to make the most of their time.

The Calvary Option? | Carl Trueman

“The world around may legitimate whatever sleaze, self-indulgence and self-deception it may choose. It may decide that black is white, that up is down, and that north is south, for all I care. The needs of my congregation—of all congregations—will remain, at the deepest level, the same that they have always been, as will the answers which Christianity provides.”

Being in Ministry Saved My Marriage | Megan Hill

“I cannot say what my marriage would be like if my husband were not a pastor. I have only the life God has given. But I do know this: ministry life is, by God’s kind intent, good for my marriage.”


Former President George W. Bush at Dallas PD Memorial


Brussel Sprouts | Kids Be Like…


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