Morning Mashup 07/11


A daily mashup of Kindle deals, articles, and videos for your information, edification, and enjoyment.


Date Your Wife by Justin Buzzard ($2.99)

Date Your Wife Book

Exalting Jesus in Galatians (Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary) by David Platt ($2.99)

Galatians Book


Lamenting, Listening, Praying, and Participating Our Way to Change | Anthony Bradley

“America is currently caught in a social crisis at the intersection of race and violence. White police officers shot two black men this week in St. Paul, Minn., and Baton Rouge, La. In the aftermath, a gunman shot five police officers in Dallas in a race-motivated assassination on law enforcement, a man lured police officer into his Valdosta, Ga., home and murdered him, a man ambushed an officer during a traffic stop in suburban St. Louis (that Ballwin, Mo., officer is fightingfor his life), and a highway shooter wounded another officer in Tennessee. How can evangelicals respond?”

This American Moment | John Piper

“Followers of Jesus bear witness to the truth. We wave the banner of the reality and the preciousness and the power of truth. And we renounce all policies, procedures, laws, customs, and tyrannies that obscure or silence the truth — whether in police procedures, national politics, or the industry of child-killing cloaked in the evil rhetoric of reproductive freedom.”.

What Shootings and Racial Justice Mean for the Body of Christ | Russell Moore

“An African-American colleague of mine noted that the divide is glaring, with black evangelicals interacting with this set of news while many white evangelicals continue on discussing the presidential race or the upcoming Olympics, with no reference to these shootings. That divide ought to cause us to reflect on how we’re experiencing the culture differently, and what implications that has for our unity and our witness.”

Doctrine and Devotion | Joe Thorn & Jimmy Fowler

I’m a podcast guy. I love listening to good podcasts, especially while writing. Doctrine and Devotion looks to be a winner. And no, not just because it is “powered by cigars.” If you’re looking for a podcast with doctrinal weight, practical wisdom, and comical levity, look no further than Doctrine and Devotion. Subscribe to their email list now!

Why Single is Not the Same as Lonely | Sam Allberry

“Sex and intimacy are not the same. It’s possible to have a lot of sex and yet find no intimacy. Sex is designed to deepen and express intimacy that already exists; it cannot in itself create it. But it’s also possible to have a huge amount of godly, healthy intimacy without sex.”

Parents, Don’t Waste Your Lazy Summer Days | Stacy Reaoch

“The pressure to keep our kids’ schedules filled to the brim can diminish the possibility of a summer respite. But is it really such a bad thing to have wide open spaces in our planners? Might this be the very thing we need in order to refocus our priorities and make the most of the short season of time we’re given with our children?”


How Can Blacks and Whites Stand Together on Racial Injustice? | TGC


Propaganda on Racial Justice | Verge Network


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