Morning Mashup 06/03


A mashup of Kindle deals, articles, and videos for your information, edification, and enjoyment.



Fearfully and Autistically Made | Valerie Dunham

“In my experience, autism isn’t simply the narrowing of relationships to people and the outside world; it is the altering of relationships to people and the outside world. Perhaps that’s something that needs to be accepted, not cured.”

Embracing Liturgy in a Digital Age | David Roark

“As we embrace the liturgical practices of centuries past, I fear we’ll forget we live in the 21st century. When used discerningly, today’s technological innovations can both bolster our discipleship efforts and provide new platforms from which we can proclaim and embody the gospel.”

My Husband Doesn’t Put the Kids to Bed, And It’s Really Okay | Melissa Edington

“During the course of our seventeen years of marriage, my responsibilities and Chad’s have shifted and changed. In life, you adapt to your current circumstances, and marriages have to adapt as well.”

Evangelical Leaders: Tell Us to Vote for Clinton | Nick Rodriguez

An interesting perspective with which I’m inclined to disagree. Yet, it’s important to consider. Whether you agree or not, the motivation is valid.

5 Reasons to Read Missionary Biographies to Your Children | Christina Fox

“One evening, I was reading a different genre than usual. As I neared the end of the book, my eyes started to burn. I blinked and my vision blurred. Before I knew it, tears were streaming down my face. This was unusual for story time. I turned to my son, handed him the book, and whispered, “Can you finish, please?” He took over reading for me while I sat there in tears. We were reading a biography of Nate Saint.”

My Carefully Considered Views on the Upcoming Presidential Election | Alan Jacobs

“The Republican capitulation to Trump — complete with rhetorical reversals, especially on the part of Marco Rubio, that rival or perhaps even exceed any Trumpian schizo-inversions — marks the end of that party as a coherent and non-laughable body. If I were thirty I could imagine its renewal in my lifetime. I haven’t been thirty for a loooong time. So long, GOP. It was sucky knowing you.”



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