Morning Mashup 05/17


A mashup of Kindle deals, articles, and videos for your information, edification, and enjoyment.


Spurgeon’s Sorrows: Realistic Hope for Those Who Suffer from Depression by Zack Eswine ($1.99)


Unashamed Workmen: How Expositors Prepare and Preach ed. by Rhett Dodson ($3.99)


Translating Truth: The Case for Essentially Literal Bible Translation by Collins, Grudem, Poythress, Ryken, and Winter ($2.99)



A Transgendered Thought Experiment – Kevin DeYoung offers an interesting thought experiment, which helps expose the faulty logic behind the transgender movement.

Fathers (And Mothers) Do Not Provoke Your Children! – Tim Challies: “I’d like to suggest a number of ways that we, as parents, may sinfully, unjustly provoke our children. But before we do that, let’s walk through these two passages together.”

What Does the Bible Teach About Homosexual Desire and Identity? – A helpful series of interviews with Denny Burk and Heath Lambert.

Four Lessons from the Little Sisters of the Poor Case – Russell Moore’s reflections on the recent Supreme Court decision regarding the Little Sisters of the Poor.

3 Reasons Why Conservative Christians Should Reject Jonathan Merritt’s Counsel on the Transgender Debate – Helpful balance from David Prince on an issue where liberal and conservative Christians seem to be once again at odds.

Should Seminaries Require Students to Write So Many Academic Research Papers? John Frame Says No – I love Dr. Frame and appreciate his desire to make seminary educations more effective, but I think I disagree here.

Books Are Back – But, where did they go?



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