Morning Mashup 05/13


A mashup of Kindle deals, articles, and videos for your information, edification, and entertainment.


Preaching by Calvin Miller ($1.99)


Persuaded by the Evidence by Doug Sharp and Jerry Bergman ($2.99)


How Christianity Changed the World by Alvin Schmidt ($1.99)


Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller ($1.99)



U.S. Directs Public Schools to Allow Transgender Access to Restrooms – “The Obama administration is planning to issue a sweeping directive telling every public school district in the country to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms that match their gender identity.”

Why Voting for a Third Party Shouldn’t Ease Your Conscience – Whether you agree with him or not, Thabiti graciously opens up an important discussion.

Lecrae Makes a Major Career Move – Big congrats to Lecrae on his new deal with Columbia Records. Excited for the impact he will have on mainstream hip hop.

Why Won’t Steven Furtick Answer Tough Questions About His Ministry? – Oh, how I would have loved for this interview to have gone down. The fact that it’s not is yet another indictment of Furtick and Elevation Church.

Engagement and Mission in the Realm of Sport – “If Christians cannot participate in sports culture at a committed level and cannot be at the practices and on the high level teams, who will be there in order to work to redeem some of it excesses and idols?”

Limited Atonement and Reconciliation Intersect at the Cross of Jesus Christ – Jarvis Williams: “Paul’s presentation of Jesus’ death as a death for all elect Jews and Gentiles without distinction should encourage all Christians to pursue reconciliation with all kinds of Jewish and Gentile people.”

A Subjective Definition of Death Would Unleash Great Evil – Excellent article on the redefinition of death from Wesley Smith.

Who Made Satan? – Helpful biblical answers from Matt Smethurst.

LeBron James on Retirement and Career Longevity – Great piece on LeBron’s plans for retirement and how he prepares for each season.

$5 Friday – Great deals from Ligonier on Romans, marriage, and atheism.



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