Morning Mashup 04/07


A mashup of book deals, articles, and videos for your information, edification, and enjoyment.


To the Glory of God: A 40-Day Devotional on the Book of Romans by James M. Boice ($1.99)


Gospel-Centered Teaching by Trevin Wax ($2.99)


Faithful Preaching by Tony Merida ($2.99)


Exalting Jesus in Mark by Danny Akin ($2.99)



Can You Vote for Donald Trump with a Clear Conscience? – Thorough article from Andy Naselli for any serious conservative voter to consider.

God Broke Antinomianism for Love – Jared Wilson: “If God broke his law to save me, I am not saved, because what is needed is perfection.”

Jesus is the Answer: Joel Osteen – Tom Nettles critiques a couple of Osteen’s books while making an interesting comparison to Billy Graham and revivalist theology.

10¢ Moments; $10 Conversations – I so identify with this writer and his position. I need more $10 conversations in my life.

Scare Quoting Religious Liberty – Samuel James: “Whether or not you think that HB 1523 is about discrimination is a point of debate. But the law says religious liberty, the legislature that passed it says religious liberty, and the voters who elected the legislature say religious liberty. You might say they’re wrong, but that’s a point of debate, not a point of order.”

Ex-Troll Ministry to Launch Next MonthThe Babylon Bee has become my daily source of much-needed laughter. This may be my favorite so far.

Forget Me Not (Twitter and the Fear of Death) – Derek Rishmawy: “Have you ever been worried you’ll be forgotten by a friend? Say they go on a long trip, or you move, and that nagging fear comes along: if I’m out of sight, will I be out of mind? Will they move on? Will our time together become just a background memory, recalled when triggered, but mostly left in the dustbins of our excess memory banks?


Man, I loved seeing Gary Player make this incredible shot yesterday at Augusta.

Helpful discussion of how a scientist’s worldview inevitably comes out in his science.


Wesley Quote

“You shall love your neighbor as yourself with the same invariable thirst after their happiness.” – John Wesley


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