Morning Mashup 04/05


A mashup of book deals, articles, and videos for your information, edification, and enjoyment.


Love Into Light: The Gospel, the Homosexual, and the Church by Peter Hubbard ($0.99)


Perspectives on the Extent of the Atonement: 3 Views eds. Andy Naselli & Mark Snoeberger ($0.99)


The Underestimated Gospel ed. Jonathan Leeman ($0.99)


Truth Matters: Confident Faith in a Confusing World by Andreas Kostenberger, Darrell Bock, and Josh Chatraw ($0.99)



Diversity and the Reformed Resurgence – Tim Challies sounds a necessary call for diversity among popular conference speakers.

Complete Assurance for Incomplete People – What did the author of Hebrews mean when he wrote that we are perfect even now? John Piper explains.

The Darkness of Porn and the Hope of the Gospel – Denny Burk: “The sexual revolution promised us more sex and more pleasure. It has actually delivered to us a generation of men who think of women as objects to be used and abused for their sexual pleasure.”

Why Porn Kills Sex – Russell Moore: “Pornography kills sexuality because porn isn’t just about sex and because sex isn’t just about sex.”

Gender Non-Conformity Running Roughshod Over Parents’ Rights – Carl Trueman explains the dilemma in his town and then shares a letter he wrote to a local school board’s recent transgender policy for students.

The Gospel of Jesus on Sexual Binaries – Robert Gagnon refutes Rachel Held Evans’ latest post on Jesus and gender.

Q&A With Nabeel Qureshi – Excellent interview with the author of Answering Jihad.

No Matter How Bad Things Get, We Have Baseball – This is why I love David Prince. A great read for the first week of the MLB season.

Way-Too-Early Top 25 Rankings for 2016-17 – Per usual, my Kentucky Wildcats will likely begin the season ranked in the top 5. But Duke, watch out y’all. They will be loaded.

Shaq, Iverson, Yao Lead Hall of Fame Class of 2016 – My childhood basketball heroes are already entering the Hall of Fame. I’ve still yet to see a more thrilling player than Allen Iverson (if I don’t watch Steph Curry, that is).


Sibbes Quote 4


“We glorify God when all our affections are set upon him as the greatest good.” – Richard Sibbes


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