Morning Mashup 03/09

A mashup of book deals, articles, and videos for your information, edification, and enjoyment.

Book Deals ($3.99 or less)


Andy Stanley Explains His ‘Stinking Selfish Parents’ Comment – I appreciate the apology and lack of excuses, but nothing about Stanley’s outrageous statement is clarified here. In the end, I’m still left wondering, “So, you think kids are discipled best in larger churches?” A thought that is biblically, theologically, and historically ludicrous.

Venting Is Bad for You…And Others – Apparently, those therapeutic venting sessions is doing more harm than help.

God’s Blessing Is More Than a Polite Wish – For those of us who tend to overuse the phrase, “God bless you.”

How I Prepare a Sermon – Joe Thorn shares his process of sermon prep.

A Sample Marriage Policy – A helpful marriage policy example all pastors and elders should consider. Also, check out this article explaining how a marriage policy is helpful.

Seven Things To Do After You Look at Pornography – Paul Maxwell: “A lot of Christian advice about porn addicts is unhelpful — meaning, it doesn’t contribute to real progress in repentance, healing, restoration, and recovery. Most of all, it fails to address the issues that underlie porn use.”

Redeeming Our Uncivil Discourse – Scott Slayton: “What we see from our politicians is merely a reflection of the way we interact with each other in everyday life. As I’ve been pondering our how far our civil discourse has fallen, a few stories have come to mind which get to the root of the reason for much of our incivility.”

Should Christians Watch Horror Films? – Balanced answer to a difficult question.

There Are No Elite College Basketball Teams – Fact or myth? This year seems to indicate: fact. Even my Wildcats are below their usual juggernaut standard.

10 Conversations I Wish Someone Had With Me As a Teenager – Dads, have these conversations with your teenage sons.

Jay Bilas Says Ben Simmons Has Taught Us, Elite Recruits Should Just ‘Go to Kentucky’ – I couldn’t agree more, Mr. Bilas


Living a good life as the basis for your standing with God will result in either pride or despair.

— Tim Keller

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