Morning Mashup 03/07

A mashup of book deals, articles, and videos for your information, edification, and enjoyment.


In honor of the passing of Jerry Bridges, here are a few of his best-sellers.


Why I’m Running for President of the Southern Baptist Convention – Pastor J.D. Greear shares his vision and reasoning for accepting nomination as president of the SBC.

Jerry Bridges (1929-2016) – Justin Taylor with a look at the life and legacy of Jerry Bridges. At The Church at Trace Crossing, we are currently studying his classic, The Pursuit of Holiness. I strongly urge you pick up a copy if you’ve never read it.

Jerry Bridges (1929–2016): Five Lessons from a Remarkable Life of Faith – Helpful interview from 2011 with Bridges. He reflects on his 60+ years of walking with the Lord.

Nancy Reagan Dead at 94 – “Nancy Reagan, one of the most high-profile and influential first ladies of the 20th century, has died. She was 94.”

Pat Conroy Dies at 70 – Saddened by the passing of a world-renowned writer and storyteller.

Peyton Manning’s Life and Career in Photos – Fascinating look at one of the best to ever throw a football.

Six Crucial Questions to Ask of Every Sermon – Jeff Robinson shares six questions he asks in the editing process of his sermons.

Trump and the Lukewarm – Molly Oshatz: “If I’m right that Trump’s evangelical supporters tend to be lukewarm believers, then the conservative Christian leaders who are trying to warn believers of the dangers of a Trump presidency might want to save their breath.”

Never Trump: Opposing Racial Injustice Now, Tomorrow, and Forever – David Prince: “As a pastor I do not tell people who to vote for, but I do not hesitate to point out issues and positions that should disqualify candidates because of their actions and character.”

The Myth of the Evangelical Voters – Darren Guerra: “While it is true that Trump has won pluralities of evangelicals in some key states it is simply inaccurate to say that evangelicals solidly support Trump. Indeed the notion that anything close to a majority of evangelical voters support Trump is simply a media myth.”

Guru Jesus Can’t Help Me – Aaron Armstrong: “But a Jesus who merely offers good advice is no Jesus at all. We need something greater.”


Walking with God is no primrose path.

— J.A. Motyer

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