Morning Mashup 03/03

A mashup of book deals, articles, and videos for your information, edification, and enjoyment.

Book Deals

On Guard for Students: A Thinker’s Guide to the Christian Faith (William Craig, $1.99)

The Religions Next Door (Marvin Olasky, $0.99)

Tributes to John Calvin (David Hall, $1.99)

2 Corinthians in the New American Commentary Series (David Garland, $2.99)


Should Christians Vote for the Lesser of Two Evils? – Russell Moore may have the article of the week here. He writes, “When Christians face two clearly immoral options, we cannot rationalize a vote for immorality or injustice just because we deem the alternative to be worse.”

I Spent Super Tuesday With Donald Trump – Denny Burk went to a Louisville rally held for Donald Trump on Super Tuesday. Here are his reflections from the event.

J.D. Greear to be Nominated for SBC President – Now, here is a Presidential candidate we can support.

The Abortion Lobby’s Deathly Shibboleths – Samuel James: “euphemism cuts both ways. For some members of the abortion lobby, the abundance of the heart has poured forth a little too revealingly.”

Why Christian Leaders Struggle With Dark Nights of the Soul – Pastors, this one cuts deep.

5 Distinguishing Marks of a Fruitful Church – Ministry “results” are not necessarily bad when looked for in the right way and places. A faithful church will be a fruitful church, according to the proper criteria. I’ll let Wilson take it from here.

Chick-Fil-A Giving Away Free Ice Cream – Not surprising until you see why they are giving away free ice cream.

Florida Basketball Cop Just Upped the Ante – This bro is teaching us all a lesson in investing in your neighborhood. #hoopsnotcrime

Parenting in a New Day of Presidential Politics – Amy Whitfield notes how politics has changed in the last two decades and how this affects her parenting.

Mom and Dad, Your Job is Not Over – A great article for parents of non-believing children and teenagers.

Canadian Culture of Death – An open letter that may cause you to reconsider your immigration plans to our neighbor to the north.



The means of grace fill our tank for the pursuit of joy, for the good of others, and for the glory of God.

— David Mathis

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