Morning Mashup 02/26

A mashup of articles for your information, edification, and enjoyment.

How Do I Tell A Professing Believer I Don’t Think They Are Saved – John Piper offers seven helpful suggestions for how to navigate such a delicate situation.

Can We “Agree to Disagree” on Sexuality and Marriage? – Trevin Wax: “Like Jesus, the New Testament writers made constant appeals to unity, but they also drew bold, dark lines regarding what constituted genuine Christian teaching.”

8 Biographies Everyone Should Read – True stories are the best stories. I agree with the author of this post that you would be the better for reading each of these biographies.

6 Lines of Thought That Result in Significant Student Loan Debt – Art Rainer with helpful considerations every high school senior should seriously contemplate.

Will Following Jesus Make You Liberal? – What pastor and scholar Jim Hamilton would say to Susie Meister if he was her pastor.

The Symbol and Significance of Preaching – Mark Dever’s excellent sermon in SBTS chapel this week.

IMB Loses Nearly 1,000 Missionaries to Budget Cuts – Though saddened by a greater than expected number of missionaries, IMB president David Platt assures Southern Baptists the IMB is in a much more stable financial position and SBC churches have increased giving.

Why Are Millennials Embracing Complementarity? – Owen Strachan: “From my vantage point, there’s plenty of young blood that wants what we would call a “deep faith,” not a shallow, culturally-approved version.”

The consciousness of the church’s weakness makes her willing to lean on her beloved, and to hide herself under his wing.

— Richard Sibbes

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