Morning Mashup 02/11

A mashup of articles for your information, edification, and enjoyment.

Picking and Choosing Your Piety – Typically insightful stuff here from Carl Trueman on the phenomenon of non-Catholic, non-Orthodox, non-Anglican believers participating in Ash Wednesday.

Don’t Play Travel Ball – This piece needed to be written, and I’m glad Jim Hamilton wrote it. He offers ten reasons why parents should not allow their children to participate in travel sports, but instead remain in local rec leagues.

Thinking About Expository Preaching – Ed Stetzer began a series of blog posts on expository preaching. If you are interested in learning more about what expository preaching is, check out this series.

Football to the Glory of God? – Jared Wilson shares an adapted section from one of his forthcoming books on how playing sports, football in particular, glorifies God and sanctifies participants.

Don’t Be Embarrassed of Your Church – In the world of mega churches with mega ministries, this is an incredibly helpful post from Erik Raymond.

Scripture’s Top Two – Among all Paul’s lists of sins, two stand out.

Zika Virus: What Do We Need to Know? – Dr. Scott James explains the details of the Zika virus outbreak, where it comes from, how it is transmitted, and what is being done about it.

There is no such thing as an untested faith.

— J. Alec Motyer

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