Morning Mashup 02/05

A mashup of articles for your information, edification, and enjoyment.

Meet the Evangelicals Who Hate Donald Trump – While the media has portrayed evangelicals as supporting Donald Trump, Rolling Stone did a piece on the various evangelical leaders who ardently oppose Trump.

5 Rookie Pastor Mistakes – Hershael York provides priceless advice for young pastors.

Best of Warriors at the White House – President Obama roasts Steph Curry and the Warriors during the NBA champs’ visit to the White House.

Sleeping at NightMaking a Murderer attorney, Dean Strang, who represented Steven Avery, is interviewed by Christ and Pop Culture.

What You Missed in the Democratic Debate – Here is an adequate summary of the events during last night’s Democratic debate between Clinton and Sanders.

Is C.S. Lewis’ Liar-Lord-or-Lunatic Argument Unsound? – Helpful, balanced position from Justin Taylor.

Boys Need Their Moms – A message I will always teach our son, Jude. I’m so thankful for his mom.

$5 Friday – Ligonier offers excellent deals for, you guessed it, five bucks!

Prayers for Christ’s Increase and My Decrease – Jon Bloom presents 14 prayers for Christ’s increase.

The Maker was unmade so we can be remade.

— Tim Keller

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