Morning Mashup 02/04

A mashup of articles for your information, edification, and enjoyment.

First Pro-Life Bill for Kentucky in 12 Years – Proud that my home state and their new governor have passed this bill.

Donald Trump Isn’t Real – If only. Interesting piece from the NY Times.

Why Teens Don’t Talk to Their Parents – Great article from Kristen Hatton on what teens are thinking and how parents can effectively respond.

5 Reasons You Should (Probably) Leave Your Attractional Church – Jared Wilson has done much work persuade church goers to leave attractional churches in favor of gospel-centered churches. His critiques are always grace-filled and laden with truth.

New Undercover Footage of Planned Parenthood Negotiating Organ Sales – The reality of this business is morally grotesque. But, not as morally grotesque as the justifications offered by PP supporters.

Pastor of China’s Largest Church Jailed – Gu Yuese leads China’s largest government-approved Protestant church. He was recently imprisoned for protesting the removal of 1,500 crosses. China is witnessing what the Roman Empire witnessed. The church is growing in the face of persecution.

Your 7 Job Responsibilities as a Church Member – Jonathan Leeman is spot on. Church members, don’t miss this post.

Raising Courageous Kids – David Prince encourages parents to make courage an active word in their families’ vocabulary. He writes, “To live as if nothing is more important than personal safety is to live an empty, selfish, and ultimately dissatisfying life.”

God is providentially controlling matters so that in his good time all will fall into place to the glory of his name.

— John Mackay

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