Morning Mashup 01/07

A mashup of articles for your information, edification, and enjoyment.

50% of All 2015 Bestsellers – Westminster Bookstore is offering this tremendous deal on all of their bestsellers from 2015. Go check them out!

How Listening to “Serial” Made Us Doubt “Making a Murderer” – After just finishing Making a Murderer and following up by reading a few important court documents, along with listening to those who have read some thousand pages of court documents, it’s fair to say I agree that the open reportorial bias of Serial has planted seeds of doubt and distrust in my mind.

The One Word that Defines Our Parenting – Zach Crook: “We recognized that we needed an extra portion of God’s grace to just make it through a day, much less figure out how to have perfectly respectful, obedient children.”

Too Much Bible?! – Provocative title, interesting thoughts.

Seven Reasons Not to Play the Lottery – John Piper argues why playing the lottery is detrimental.

Rubio Gets New Religious Advisers – Wayne Grudem, Rick Warren, Samuel Rodriguez, and Thomas Kidd join a volunteer advisory board focused on religious liberty issues for Republican presidential candidate, Marco Rubio. 

10 Ways Balance Life and Ministry in Their Schedules – Cary Schmidt: “After many conversations with Biblically balanced pastors with sustainable, healthy ministries, here are the common ways these pastors balance life and ministry through their schedule.”

Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza Elected to MLB Hall of Fame – The highest and lowest draft picks, respectably, to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. I loved watching both of these guys play.

God never wastes the gift of pain.

— John Piper

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