Morning Mashup 01/01

A mashup of articles for your information, edification, and enjoyment.

Is It Healthy to Adopt Edwards’ Resolutions for the New Year? – Excellent balance from Erik Raymond on whether adopting Edwards’ famous resolutions is beneficial for your life in 2016.

How to Finish 100 Books in 2016 – I’m down. Join me?

How I Started Praying the Bible – I really enjoyed hearing Don Whitney’s story when he visited Trace Crossing last November. His method of praying the Bible is a highly practical way to encourage prayer in your life and church.

Bible Reading Plans for 2016 – The good folks at Ligonier have once again compiled a long list of Bible reading plans. With resources like this, if you don’t read through the Bible this year, it’s definitely on you.

7 Ways to Approach Your Bible in 2016 – Matt Smethurst: “If you’re a Christian, you believe reading the Bible is important. But have you considered how to approach it in the first place? What kind of ‘heart posture’ is necessary? God cares deeply about these questions. Here are seven ways we should approach his Word in 2016.”

10 Check Up Questions for the New Year – Kevin DeYoung offers helpful questions for self-examination as you enter a new year.

A Guide to Biblical New Year’s Resolutions – More solid help as you think about making resolutions for 2016.

Nothing in the entire physical, created world can give rest, peace, identity, meaning, purpose, or lasting contentment to your awe-craving heart.

— Paul David Tripp

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