Morning Mashup 12/18

A mashup of articles for your information, edification, entertainment, and enjoyment.

Catholic School Told They Can’t Refuse to Hire Gay Married Man – So, what about all these promises of religious freedom?

Caring for Refugees – “At gathering of 100+ leaders, organizers pledge to engage ‘global refugee emergency.'”

Should Evangelicals Evolve on Homosexuality? – Why Rosaria Butterfield disagrees with both Matthew Vines and Wesley Hill on homosexuality.

How Would Spurgeon Vote? – Two important lessons from Charles Spurgeon on how Christians should vote.

The Wheaton Tiff – An interesting article in The Chicago Tribune about what should be the real headline about Wheaton College and suspended professor, Larycia Hawkins.

What Would Cool Jesus Do? – This lengthy GQ article goes inside the life of Hillsong Church in NYC. There are too many interesting elements to list. Just read it.

Should You Let Your Child Win at Monopoly? – I was never allowed to win at anything. I can’t wait to kick Jude’s butt at every game we play!

The Irresistible Force of Star Wars – Ok, this is the last article on Star Wars I’ll share. Promise.

Bonhoeffer’s Last Advent – I love all things Bonhoeffer. You should too. Timothy George gives us a compelling look at Bonhoeffer’s last Advent spent in Tegel Prison.

The birth of Christ is the eucatastrophe of man’s history, the sudden happy turn for humanity.

— J.R.R. Tolkien

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