Morning Mashup 12/02

A mashup of articles for your information, edification, enjoyment, and entertainment.

Why the Qu’ran Cannot Be the Word of God – A logical argument for why the Qu’ran simply cannot be the word of God. 

Is Pro-Life Rhetoric Deadly? – Russell Moore asks, “When it comes to abortion, how then should we speak?”

Loving Our Pro-Choice Neighbors in Word and Deed – Karen Swallow Prior is on the money when she writes, “As we affirm the truth that abortion ends a precious human life, we cannot do or support wrong–wrong words or wrong deeds–to achieve right.

5 Myths About Rosa Parks – Justin Taylor looks back on the events of that December day and highlights some common myths about what happened.

A Man Riding His Unicycle Backwards Across a Line of Bottles – Nuff said.

Is Social Media Scraping You Too Thin? – Stephen Altrogge: “Social media is like the ring of power (minus the invisibility and the possibility of being turned into a ring wraith). It scrapes me too thin. Stretches me unnaturally. Pulls me apart at the seams. It makes me less human, in a sense.”

Where Are Pro-Life, Pro-Family Groups on Paid Family Leave? – Surprisingly and dishearteningly, they are all over the map.

Science vs. Scientism – J. Daniel MacDonald: “A Christian scientist is not an oxymoron; science can be, and should be, a boon to the Christian faith.”

Discouragement in Ministry – Jason Helopoulos offers wise counsel to discouraged ministers. Church member, share this with your pastor. Pastor, read this for your soul.

The disposition of one’s possessions signifies the disposition of one’s heart.

— Joel Green


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