A New Voice at Grace Satisfies

Hey guys, my name’s Logan. Mat has brought me onto the Grace Satisfies team.  I’m super excited to be here and have the opportunity to write for this blog.  You’ll be seeing regular articles and book reviews from me a few times a month.

A little background. I’m a senior at the University of Kentucky where I am rounding out a bachelor’s in communication with minors in philosophy and Islamic studies.  On top of that I’m pursuing nonprofit professional certification.  I chose these fields of study for a diverse set of reasons, but a love of seeing how people interact with each other and ideas drove me to study communication in my undergrad.  I tacked on philosophy after learning a love of logic and being exposed to Kierkegaard and Kant.  The Islamic studies minor came out of a long story but ultimately reflects a love of the Islamic world.

After graduating from UK I hope to attend a Southern Baptist seminary to attain an M.Div.  This ambition comes out of a call to ministry.  I have a Calvinist disposition in theology.  Everything else is a little up in the air for now, but I’m comfortable with those ambiguities.  In the meantime, I’m happy to try to figure out as much as possible through the lens of scripture.

So, while I’m on that journey, I’d love to invite you along for the ride.  Along the way you’ll see some articles about the intersection of the gospel and social justice, Christian politics in a pluralistic American society, missions, Islam, the history of Christian philosophy, and the occasional reference to the world of collegiate debate.  I’m overjoyed to be here with you!

Logan Hurley is a member of Broadway Baptist Church in Lexington, KY and senior at the University of Kentucky where he studies Communication, Arab & Islamic Studies, and Philosophy.  He desires to attend seminary in Fall 2016. You can follow him on Twitter @loganmhurley.


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