Morning Mashup

A mashup of articles for your information, edification, entertainment, and enjoyment.

 Dear Basketball – It’s hard to believe the time has finally come for Kobe Bryant to retire. I remember watching Kobe play when I was growing up. I was always so mesmerized by his unique abilities and fierce competitiveness. This poem is not only a beautiful expression of Kobe’s love for the game of basketball, but is also a prime example of what it looks like to be so captivated by something. If only our language toward God would reflect Kobe’s in this poem. Nevertheless, I will miss Kobe.

Why I Miss George W. Bush – An unlikely opinion piece by a British Muslim who came to work in America. Her experiences show that President Bush was much more sensitive and insightful with regard to radical Islam than many of the current GOP candidates. While nearly all the Left have all but completely disregarded Bush’s presidency, honest opinions like this help us see not only his presidency but future presidencies for what they were/are, not what they promise to be.

Top 15 Books of 2015 – I always look forward to Tony Reinke’s top books at the end of the year. You are sure to find some excellent reads on this list.

The Real Pro-Life Hero – Aaron Earls: “When you think of someone who is pro-life don’t think of the murderer, regardless of what he claims, of this father and police officer who sought to save lives at an abortion clinic despite being morally opposed to it. That’s pro-life.”

Steve Carrell Does Not Mock the Undeserving – An interesting interview with Steve Carrell. See how morality influences Carrell’s decisions on who to mock.

Theology is for the Humble – After considering three things that should humble us as we do theology, Brandon Smith writes, “We didn’t invent theology–we don’t own it. We don’t deserve theology–we receive it as a gift. We don’t hoard theology–we share it.”

Why Celebrate Advent? – Timothy Paul Jones: “Advent reminds us to listen for the message God is speaking, even in the waiting.”

Circle – This is a new way for parents to manage internet usage and content on each device in the family.

Banner of Truth 48 Hour Deal – You need to make your way over to Banner of Truth today and take advantage of the amazing deal they have going right now. You can get William Gurnall’s classic, The Christian in Complete Armour for only $15. Plus, you can buy any three Puritan Paperbacks for $9 total. Puritan Paperbacks make great gifts for college or high school students.

No heart that loves Jesus can be cold to the vulnerable and needy. #MorningMashup

— Tim Keller


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