Morning Mashup 09/09

Together for the Gospel Registration Opens – I’m so excited about T4G in 2016. The theme is titled, “We Are Protestant,” The emphasis is on the roots of the T4G movement, particularly the Reformers and their doctrines of the five solas.

God’s Word is Going Forth – It humbles me to see men and women rejoicing over receiving the Bible in their language. May we never take this luxury for granted.

When Sports Becomes Your God – David Prince: “Is your commitment to sports becoming a substitute god rather than a means of delighting in God? To help you decide whether or not you are corrupting God’s good gift of sports, I have offered several guidelines.”

I am a Christian, But I Don’t Follow Christ – Denny Burk comments on the I’m a Christian, But… video that has gone viral. He makes some important points.

Check out this great project where the Psalms are set to music:

Blessed Are the Risk-Takers – Modified excerpt from J.D. Gerri’s latest book. This is enough to send you to Amazon.

The Top Tennis Players in the World Started Here – Journey to see the childhood courts of the likes of Djokovic, Federer, the Williams sisters, and more.

The Greatest Wall – Short gospel reflection from Tim Challies.

Mailbag 15 – Jonathan Leeman answers some great questions relating to officiating weddings, church membership, church discipline over giving, elders, and more.

When God illumines us to receive the truth, it is like creation ex nihilo. –John Frame


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