Morning Mashup 09/04

“In this World You Will Have Trouble”–Welcome to Rowan County – Albert Mohler with the best response to the Kim Davis jailing I’ve read so far. With social media on nonsense overload in reaction to Kim Davis’ arrest, it is refreshing to interact with an intelligent and sophisticated man such as Mohler. If you want to know a meaningful evangelical position, don’t miss this article.

In Which I Paint With Some Bright Yellows – And then there’s Doug Wilson, whose satirical wisdom is scathing and scintillating. He is one writer that will have you on the edge of your seat while your mind is racing.

Kim Davis: Political Prisoner? Culture-War Martyr? – I fear Rod Dreher is right on the money with his four predictions of what will happen after the dust settles. He may be right that it will not “end well for religious liberty in America.”

Christianity in Three Words – Before reading the article, see what you can come up with. Here is mine: God reigns, rescues.

US Ebola Survivors: Where Are They Now? – Interesting profile of Ebola survivors in the US.

Ashley Madison Exposes More than Just Names – Very important and helpful article on what the Ashley Madison leak really reveals.

Tebow Makes Case for Roster Spot – In the final preseason game, Tim Tebow did what he needed to do. I hope it’s enough to earn him the third string spot.

Judge Erases Tom Brady’s Suspension – Not exactly sure if justice was served or not. The NFL didn’t have any evidence, but it is hard to believe Brady had no knowledge of the deflated footballs. But the most important bit of info is that Brady will be playing every snap this season, which is a very good thing for this Pats fan.

We stress the humanity [of Jesus] too exclusively at Christmas, and the deity [of Jesus] too exclusively after the resurrection; almost as if Christ once became a man and then presently reverted to being simply God. –C.S, Lewis


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