Morning Mashup 08/24

9 Parenting Truths from John Piper – Tim Challies outlines nine parenting principles John Piper gave in a recent Ask Pastor John podcast.

John Piper’s Prayer at Planned Parenthood – Don’t miss Piper’s moving prayer in the protest of Planned Parenthood in St. Paul, Minnesota. When you’ve listened to the prayer, check out his reflections on the protest.

Do All Infants Go to Heaven? – Sam Storms with some biblical and theological options in favor of an affirmative answer to this emotionally powerful question.

The “Evangelicals” Who Support Donald Trump – Penetrating piece from Thomas Kidd that makes me say, “THANK YOU!”

Saying Goodbye to My Child, the Youngster – “Parenthood offers many lessons in patience and sacrifice. But ultimately, it is a lesson in humility.”

7 Ways the Internet Can Make Preaching More Difficult – Clear observations that are important to realize, but if you preached yesterday you may want to avoid this proposed problem which is totally absent of a solution. I enjoy posts from Chuck Lawless and Thom Rainer because they are great discussion starters, but I wish they offered a bit more wisdom for how to approach the issues they highlight.

If the fountain of living water does not flow from the mountain of God’s grace on Sunday, will not people hew cisterns on Monday, broken cisterns that can hold no water? –John Piper


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