Morning Mashup 08/17

An Introverted Christian – I totally identify with this post from Tim Challies.

In Peace or Crisis, Instruct Your Children in the Lord – Great post all parents should consider.

Before You Give Your Tween a Phone – Excellent biblical guidelines and principles for when and how to give your middle schooler a phone.

The True Purpose of Solitaire, Minesweeper, Hearts, and Freecell – If you wasted hours and hours on these games like me, you need to check out this interesting article.

Mere Church – If your church website needs some work, you need to check out the good people at Mere Church. They do great work and understand how to work with churches on a tight budget.

We’re All Sadists Now – Carl Trueman with characteristically profound cultural analysis.

Trumpery – And this is a prime example why Doug Wilson is one of my favorite writers.

Amazon is Cruel to be Kind – “I think the cruelties of Amazon’s corporate culture simply reflect the seriousness with which Bezos takes the progressive technological faith so many others only profess.”

Of all bad men religious bad men are the worst. –C.S. Lewis


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