Morning Mashup 08/05

Chip Kelly’s Image Problem – More than one traded player has accused Chip Kelly of having issues with black players or at least players from a particular culture. USA Today’s Jarrett Bell breaks it down for us.

Pro-Life Dems See Path to Defund Planned Parenthood – Monday’s vote showed us that the defunding of Planned Parenthood will definitely take bipartisan support. Some pro-life democrats see a way for this to happen.

Senators Who Voted to Continue Funding Planned Parenthood – Just so you know, and can maybe make some calls. For the record, McConnell’s no vote was procedural.

Psalm 94 and Planned Parenthood – Excellent. Honest. Pastoral. Helpful words from J.A. Medders.

Satan and Sodomy – John Piper with some very strong, poignant, and convicting words.

John Newton Birthday Bash Book Giveaway – Tony Reinke and Crossway have a generous book giveaway. Reinke has the details at his blog, but the prize is the entire set of the Theologians on the Christian Life series up to date. I’ve entered, so I hope you don’t win.

Kentucky Officer Sued for Handcuffing Child – Wrongly restraining any child can and has led to death. This was unwise, to say the least.

We need some standard or rule from outside of us to help us sort out the warring impulses of our interior life.  –Tim Keller


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