Morning Mashup 07/13

It has been a while, but Morning Mashup is back! Three days per week (MWF), I will be sharing a mashup of interesting articles or stories from around the web for your edification, entertainment, and enjoyment.

Building Attention Span – I came across this article in the New York Times the other day and just had to find it online to share it with you. It is a very interesting piece, which discusses our ever-shortening attention span due to the Internet.

Screen Addiction in Children – Another great piece in last week’s Times. Jane Brody makes some startling assertions about children and their growing “screen addiction.” I fear she has hit the nail on the head here. As a substitute teacher and children’s minister, I identify all too well with Brody: “Parents, grateful for ways to calm disruptive children and keep them from interrupting their own screen activities, seem to be unaware of the potential harm from so much time spent in the virtual world.”

Millennial Issues with Love, the Body, and Marriage – Derek Rishmawy, one of my favorite bloggers, interacts with Tyler Huckabee’s recent “change of heart” in the gay marriage debate. He winsomely and pastorally addresses not only the flaws in Huckabee’s biblical interpretation, but also in his erroneous thinking which he fears pervades the minds of many millennials.

2015 is the New 1968 – I saw Ray Ortlund say something to this effect on Instagram the other day. Yesterday, he fleshed it out in a short post that is well worth your time.

How Should Christians Respond to Cultural Decline? – In this sober and wise post from R.C. Sproul Jr., he examines the culture and Christians’ place in it and then gives five responses Christians should give to the recent further shift in American culture.

Roger Federer and Aging Gracefully – Even though Federer lost the Wimbledon final to Novak Djokavic, his Wimbledon run was classic Federer. This was the first year I watched the entire tournament and Federer seems to not be buying in to the whole “age thing” in his sport. Even though this article was written before his semi-final match with Andy Murray, it rings a lot of truth about Federer’s career.

Lotteries, Payday Lending, and Swindling America’s Poor – Michael Gerson wrote this incredibly indicting piece where he charges government and big business with exploiting the poor through lotteries and payday lending.

Serena Williams Transcends Sport – Serena Williams’ run in Wimbledon was dominating. I have witnessed her dominance for most of my life, and while this article calls her the greatest female tennis player ever, I think one could even argue that she is the greatest female athlete ever. We are indeed fortunate to be witnesses to this greatness.

The best is perhaps what we understand least. — C.S. Lewis


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