Does God Ever Get Bored?

ask-question-1-ff9bc6fa5eaa0d7667ae7a5a4c61330cThe following is from the Q/A session during the Wednesday evening children’s ministry, First Kids Discover, at First Baptist Church East Bernstadt. This question originated from a fourth grade boy.


When we talk about something lasting for a really, really long time, one thing that comes to our mind is boredom. It doesn’t matter what we are talking about. School or work can become boring because it seems to last a really long time. Think about it.

You wake up every day and do pretty much the same thing. Doing the same thing day after day, month after month, and even year after year will cause us to be bored. Even something fun like a basketball game that lasts for a really long time can be boring. The longer something lasts, the greater the chance it will be boring. This is exactly why Major League Baseball has implemented new rules to increase the speed of the game.

Now think about God. God is eternal. This means he has been around forever! There has never been a time when God was not there. God was there even before the earth. Isn’t it possible that God could get bored? God never changes. He is always the same. Isn’t this boring? This is like asking if a fountain that is continuously overflowing with water is ever empty. The nature of the fountain makes the possibility for emptiness impossible. Likewise, the nature of God makes the possibility for boredom impossible.

Boredom is either an absence of joy or a stagnant joy. It is a satisfaction that reaches a limit or a ceiling. This is why we can get bored with things we like. This is why video game companies produce a new game every year. Even Call of Duty or Minecraft gets boring after a while. This is not possible in God because his joy, pleasure, and satisfaction are infinite. The psalmist puts it this way, “In your presence is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore” (Ps. 16:11).

God is not only, never bored, but is in fact the most thrilling being in the universe. Not only does he never get bored, but also no one who comes to him will ever be bored again. Eternity with God will be filled with ever-increasing splendor and delight. Built into God and all who take part in his presence is a fountain of joy that never runs dry. Experiencing God through Jesus is a thrilling adventure with no end in sight. We will never reach the depths of God’s love for us. And we will never reach the summit of his glory. His grace extends further than we can ever see. And his joy captures us like a hurricane. The only kind of joy that will not ultimately bore you to death in the end, is joy in God which is a fountain for eternal life.

Since God is infinite in his glory, there is infinite joy to be found in him. Anyone who possesses this kind of joy will never be bored. This kind of joy has no limit or celing. It bursts through the clouds and up through the deepest galaxy. Standing before the joy of God is like standing before an endless ocean. With all the mystery and vastness before your eyes, not only can you trust that there is no boredom before you, but you can be sure there will be no boredom in you when you take the plunge into its glory.

396110_519885398036913_1852978654_nMathew Gilbert is the Children’s Pastor at First Baptist Church East Bernstadt. He is the author of the forthcoming book Come to the Well: 50 Meditations to Fuel Your Joy in God (CrossBooks). Mathew lives in London, KY with his wife, Erica, and their dog, Simba.


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