Throwback Thursday: How Important is the Scripture?

81pumFLRo-LThis quote is taken from the chapter by BB Warfield “The Biblical Idea of Inspiration” out of the new book edited by John MacArthur, Scripture Cannot be Broken. 
“The Scriptures are throughout a divine book, created by the divine energy and speaking in their every part with divine authority directly to the heart of the readers, is the fundamental fact concerning them which is witnessed by Christ and the sacred writers to whom we owe the New Testament. But the strength and constancy with which they bear witness to this primacy fact do not prevent their recognizing by the side of it that the Scriptures have come into being by the agency of men. It would be inexact to say that they recognize a human element in Scripture: they do not parcel Scripture out, assigning portions of it, or elements in it, respectively to God and man. In their view the whole of Scripture in all its parts and in all its elements, down to the least minutiae, in form of expression as well as in substance of teaching is from God; but the whole of it has been given by God through the instrumentality of men” (Scripture Cannot be Broken, 154)

Friend no matter where you are at in your life, your view of the Scripture is view important. It impacts your everyday life and how you live as a result. If you believe that the Scripture is the inerrant word of God, then you will live on those implications. But if you do not hold that the Bible is the word of God, then you will live on those implications. Friend, you cannot tip toe the line of biblical inerrancy. One has all of Scripture or none at all.

The Bible isn’t just a road map to become a “better person” like many popular TV preachers tend to advertise. The Bible shows the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ for the salvation of sinners. All of Scripture testifies of Jesus Christ. That man has sinned, rebelled against God, but God has made the only way, sending his son Jesus Christ to bear the cross and our sin for our salvation. Friend, Scripture cannot be broken!

You only get one life and it will soon pass, only what is done for Jesus Christ will last!

1557562_10153227664651515_1796309980_nEvan Knies is an undergraduate student at Boyce College where he studies Biblical and Theological Studies. He lives in Louisville, KY with his wife, Lauren. You can follow him on Twitter @Evan_Knies.


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