“Psalms: An Introduction and Commentary” by Tremper Longman III

Psalms by Tremper Longman III is published by IVP in 2014. It is apart of the Tyndale Old Testament Commentary Series.

Dr. Longman is the professor of biblical studies at Westmont College. He has authored numerous books and commentaries. His study and comprehension of the Old Testament have been very beneficial in my life.

In this work, Longman states in the preface that the Psalms is the Heart of the Old Testament. I could not agree more. In the introduction, Longman gives helpful information regarding the Psalms in their title, composition, organization and use. He also discusses the types, styles and theology behind the Psalms which leads to Worship when we read and reflect upon the Psalms. This introduction is very helpful and shows readers how to think, use, and read the Psalms.

Longman throughout the rest of this useful commentary breaks each Psalm down with context, comment, and meaning. This is very important for Pastors, Teachers, or anyone who desires to study the Bible. In this format, the student of the Bible is able to comprehend the text in its context, understands its complexities, and then go onward to application. The Bible student who desires to reflect upon the Psalms would benefit from purchasing Longman’s commentary published by IVP.

Friends, You only get one life, and it will soon pass. Only what is done for Christ will last.

1557562_10153227664651515_1796309980_nEvan Knies is an undergraduate student at Boyce College where he studies Biblical and Theological Studies. He lives in Louisville, KY with his wife, Lauren. You can follow him on Twitter @Evan_Knies.


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