Morning Mashup 11/21

3 Suggestions for Supplementing a Student’s Education – One of my favorite reads this week. Many insights in this piece for anyone involved in student ministry in any way.

No, You Are Not Running Late. You Are Rude and Inconsiderate! – Tim Challies reacts to a recent rant about tardiness and character. If you are an on-time warden, this is a helpful post that highlights God’s action regarding time.

The Bechdel Test and the Byrd Test – A hearty “Amen!” from me! It is always refreshing to hear from women on much more than just “women issues.”

Why I am Thankful for Older and Younger SBC Conservatives – As a younger SBC conservative, I appreciated this post from David Prince and in this Thanksgiving season stand incredibly grateful for those older SBC conservatives who fought battles that created the SBC I now enjoy.

Stop Smurfing the Gospel – All I can say is, “Yup!”

3 Keys to Shaping Your Children’s View of Marriage – Daniel Darling: “Christian parents must teach the next generation about marriage. We can’t assume our children will automatically understand God’s creational design for men and women and why this venerable institution represents Christ and his Church.”

10 Reasons You Cannot Be a Missionary – As always, David Sills is excellent in this discussion of the most often-cited reasons for not being a missionary.



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