Morning Mashup 11/19

America’s Pastor – Billy Graham is one of the most influential ministers of the 20th century. Check out this review about a book about his life.

Ben Franklin’s Calvinist Sister – I love odd historical musings. Thomas Kidd of Baylor University has a knack for peaking my historical intrigue. Here he reflects on a book about the life of Ben Franklin’s sister.

What’s Wrong with Reparative Therapy? – My one-time professor, Heath Lambert, offers a short, yet thoughtful biblical analysis of why reparative therapy is not the preferable option. Lambert concludes, “Christians should not claim RT therapy as the Christian approach to ministry with those struggling with same-sex attraction. Far from it. Instead, even as we give thanks to the Lord for the correct observations it makes, we should reject it as an approach to change that misunderstands the problems homosexuals confront, misunderstands the goals they should pursue, and misunderstands the need to lay hold of God’s grace in Christ through repentant faith.”

The New Era of Theological Education – “What do you think are the greatest challenges that seminaries in North America will face over the next 20 years?”

The Languages We Speak at Home – This is a very informative mapping of the languages spoken in the US.

Richard Dawkins Stands Behind Remarks on Sexism, Pedophilia, and Down Syndrome – The practicality of Dawkins’ Atheism, and all forms of Naturalism, is scathing and morally abominable.

How Do You Know When You’re Ready to Start Dating? – Short, helpful video from Matt and Lauren Chandler.

You cannot hand-wring and whine in Jesus name. Christians ought to be the most courageous & hopeful people of our time. –David Prince


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