Morning Mashup 11/14

“If Only…” Christianity – Casey McCall: “‘If only…’ Christianity is the belief that there’s some point in the future when all of one’s life circumstances will finally become ideal in enabling him or her to live faithfully for Christ. It’s a view of life with a future focus, but it’s not the type of future focus that is rooted in the kingdom of Christ.”

4 Dangers for Complementarians – Gavin Ortlund: “Of course, many people will disagree with complementarianism—often quite vehemently—no matter what we say or do. But the truth is offensive enough without our help. We don’t need to add to its offense with our own faults and foibles. I therefore list four dangers to which we should be particularly sensitive, even while we stand firm in the face of pressure from our more aggressive critic.”

Not that Kind of Homosexuality? – Kevin DeYoung: “The revisionist case can take many forms, but central to most of them is the ‘not that kind of homosexuality!’ argument. We can safely set aside the scriptural prohibitions against homosexual behavior because we are comparing apples and oranges: we are talking in our day about committed, consensual, lifelong partnerships, something the biblical authors in their day knew nothing about. Despite its superficial plausibility, there are at least two major problems with this line of thinking.”

Rand Paul and Pacifism – Slightly surprised at Sen. Paul’s pacifism, yet it creates interesting possibilities for 2016.

Emmanuel Encounter – “The problem of the church is not ‘non-church going’ people but non-going churches.” Check out this exciting new movement.

Timeline of Biblical Inerrancy – Interesting timeline of biblical inerrancy.

Essential Southernisms Any Yankee in the South Should Know – You can’t survive in the South without knowing at least these twelve Southernisms.

We are not saved by our understanding…We are saved in spite of our ignorance. –D. Martyn Lloyd Jones


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