Morning Mashup 11/10

Suicide Bomber Kills 48 Students in Nigeria – “A suicide bomber disguised in a school uniform detonated explosives at a high school assembly in the northeastern Nigerian city of Potiskum on Monday, killing at least 48 students, according to survivors and a morgue attendant.”

The Wonder of Luther’s Catechisms – “Luther’s Catechisms were, along with the Bondage of the Will, the only works of his which he considered worthy of preserving after he had died.”

Do Parents Take Over Where You Left Off? – How to keep the passion aflame following youth mission trips or other events.

How I Learned to Embrace the Stand and Greet Time – Tim Challies’ take on the stand and greet time in a church service.

Banner of Truth Christmas Collection – Here are some amazing deals from Banner of Truth. I wouldn’t be opposed to any of you sending some of these my way for Christmas.

Sexual Liberty and Religious Liberty Can Coexist – “Sexual liberty and religious liberty need not be in tension. Indeed, most Americans don’t want them to be in tension.”

Hilarious Review of Rob Bell’s New Book on Marriage – In general, Rob Bell is becoming only more and more laughable. This review of his newest book demonstrates this.

Self-preservation should never be a prerequisite for whether or not we go or stay somewhere for the Gospel. –David Sitton


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