Morning Mashup 10/29

The Royals forced Game 7. The NBA is back. The Cowboys lost to the Redskins. My wife and I are back from the beach. All is right with the world. As I was watching a perfect kickoff to the NBA season in the form of the Spurs vs. Mavs, I compiled for you some excellent articles ranging from the state of theology in America to the World Series to ex-gay therapy to the college football playoff. Take time to engage with each of these articles. I know they will bless you or encourage you or mildly entertain you. Whatever the case, enjoy your Wednesday!

5 Ways to Experience Christian Growth – Phillip Holmes offers five ways to truly experience Christian growth.

The State of Theology – An interesting and informative infographic produced by Ligonier as the result of a survey that has “helped to point out common gaps in theological knowledge and awareness so that Christians might be more effective in the proclamation, teaching, and defense of the essential truths of the Christian faith.”

Marriage and Pre-martial Sex – “Being unable to find a potential spouse who allows for or even agrees with one’s Christian sexual mores is not at all an unknown trial.”

Russell Moore Denounces Ex-Gay Therapy – Moore: “The idea that one is simply the sum of one’s sexual identity is something that is psychologically harmful ultimately…And I think also we have a situation where gay and lesbian people have been treated really, really badly.”

The Unexpected Sacrifices of the Mission Field – Jason Carter: “We have missed our extended family – grandparents, aunt & uncles and cousins. We have experienced attempted break-ins to our house at night. Our car has been vandalized. Malaria has visited our family multiple times. While the joys abound, the challenges are manifold. Yet it has often been the unexpected challenges of the mission field that surprise me the most.”

It’s All About the Fundamentals – Barnabas Piper expresses my exact thoughts and feelings about what it takes to thrive in both the Christian life and sports.

Don’t Be Fooled By the Knicks – Stephen A. Smith breaks down the NBA Eastern Conference and the state of the new-look New York Knicks.

Royals Force Game 7 – Here is a recap of the Royals rout of the Giants in Game 6. What a classic World Series this has been! I’m not crazy about either team, but I would kind of like to see the Royals finish the dream.

College Football Playoff Rankings – The first ever edition of the college football playoff rankings is officially out. And the SEC West dominates it.

So many are looking for special revelation from God while it sits on their shelves gathering dust. –Burk Parsons


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