Morning Mashup 10/13

So, last night I turned into a The Walking Dead addict. I was mesmerized from start to finish and haven’t even seen any of the other seasons. That will soon be remedied. But as I was watching, I compiled some intriguing and edifying articles and other awesomeness from around the web.

Will Christians Be Secretly Raptured? – Many Bible-believing Christians do not believe in a secret rapture of Christians before the millennium. The author of this post considers whether or not the teaching of the rapture, which only first appeared in the 19th century dispensationalist movement, is biblical.

Living with Ebola in West Africa – A sobering collection of photos from West Africa.

What Not to Say to a Dad with Four Kids – A great lesson on not generalizing and the common misconception that comes with being a parent to multiple children.

Shaping a Kid’s Dream Job – Being married to a teacher, working as a substitute teacher myself, and serving in kids ministry had me in full agreement with this post. Very helpful.

The Solemnization of Matrimony – Kevin DeYoung: “If Christians are to accept gay so-called marriage, they must accept that our liturgies and our services, our pastors and priests, our forefathers and foremothers have been for centuries wrong about the meaning of marriage.”

When Your Child’s Personality Annoys You – When your children annoy you, you will be tempted to put an end to behaviors that get on your last nerve. If this is you, take some advice from Jen Wilkin on a better way to deal with your annoying bundle of joy.

Weird and Wonderful Bookshops Worldwide – As a book lover this gallery brought out the nerd in me. I’d love to visit each of these awesome bookshops.

Below is an amazing video illustration of the gospel. Seriously, I don’t think I have seen one better.

The preacher can only bring the Word to the ear; the Spirit must bring it from the ear to the heart. –Steven Lawson


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