Morning Mashup 10/06

A mashup of six articles I found edifying, informative, interesting, and/or entertaining.

13 Texas Abortion Clinics Closed – Slowly, but surely. I pray these small steps would lead to the eventual eradication of legal abortion.

Saving the Three “E”‘s – Thought-provoking post about living out the Christian faith in the workplace.

Help, I Married the Wrong Person – No, not me. Wait, did my wife post this link?? Anyway, if you have ever thought you have married the wrong person, Courtney Reissig has some words of encouragement for you.

How Should Christians Think About Religious Violence? – Does the violence done by so-called Christians over the course of history excuse the violence done by ISIS? How should Christians respond to the hindrance of historic religious violence that keeps people from believing the gospel? Jonathan Parnell provides some helpful thoughts.

6 Great Reasons to Study Doctrine – Many see no practical relevance to the study of doctrine. TIm Challies takes care of these concerns in this short, yet helpful post.

Bleep! Why Christians Shouldn’t Cuss – Does the BIble give a list of words that we are to avoid? No. However, there are ample biblical reasons to avoid cussing.

Finally, if you missed Lecrae on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, you can see his performance here:

The worst sin that ever happened was in God’s plan, and by that sin, sin died. –John Piper


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