Morning Mashup 10/03

A mashup of six things I found edifying, informative, interesting, or entertaining on the web.

Are Presbyterians Christians? – Mark Jones offers some strong, yet thought-provoking words for Baptists who practice closed communion.

Should There Be Baptists? – David Prince counters the argument from Mark Jones in this post with a friendly and compelling response. These two posts were very healthy for me. Jones challenged my convictions, and Prince articulated my own understanding of closed communion and its place in the church better than I ever could.

Liberian President Criticizes Ebola Patient in Dallas – New information on the Dallas Ebola patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, tells us that “as many as 100 people who may have had contact with Duncan.” Health officials are trying to track down these people as quickly as possible. Pray that this virus would be contained and those afflicted would be healed.

Contenders for Books of the Year – Tony Reinke has narrowed his list of best books of 2014 down to 48. If nothing else, this list will point you to some great non-fiction Christian books.

History of MLB Logos – Check out this cool transformation of the logos of the teams in this year’s MLB playoffs.

2014 Desiring God National Conference – Here are all 17 conference messages in both audio and video. I can’t wait to spend some time with these over the next few days. You should join me.

I would never have been saved if I could have helped it. –C.H. Spurgeon


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