Morning Mashup 09/26

Raising Your Children in an Age of Increasing Persecution – “My husband and I have always known that we were going to need to prepare our children for resistance to the Christian faith, but we had wrongly assumed that it would be with regards to bold evangelizing when they were older.”

To Substitute Another Thirst – Wesley Hill is such an important voice on this issue: “We—I count myself among them—can speak of celibacy as a faithful path for gay Christians in such sunny, sanguine terms that one might think salvation comes by saying no to gay sex rather than by the mediation of Christ.”

How Can Christians Tell the Difference Between a Spiritual Issue and a Physical One? – A quick and helpful response from Heath Lambert.

Are Pro-Spanking Christians Feckless or Faithful? – David Prince responds to Jonathan Merrit’s critique of Prince’s initial response to Merrit’s initial critique of Christian parents who spank…Huh?…Just check it out.

Finally, the Captain spends his last night on the field in the Bronx in the only way he knows how. Derek Jeter’s walk-off was nothing short of beautiful. The script could not have been written any better!

If you want Jesus, it is because he wants you. Contrary to critical distortions, the doctrine of election is the heart of assurance. –Jared Wilson


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