Morning Mashup 09/08

Truett Cathy Dies at 93 – Founder of Chick-fil-a and Baptist layman, Truett Cathy died early this morning.

California State Universities Ban a Christian Ministry – On 23 California state university campuses, InterVarsity is officially “derecognized.”

5 Thoughts on the Cal State System Derecognizing InterVarsity – Owen Strachan: “IVCF is by no means the only voice on the quad, but it is a key one, and other Bible-believing outfits will suffer a similar fate.”

Iraqi Christians in US Watching ISIS Perform ‘Slow-Motion’ Genocide – “The recent atrocities visited upon Iraqi Christians by ISIS are nothing remotely new. All that is new is an awareness of them outside the Chaldean-American enclaves of San Diego and metropolitan Detroit.”

Baseball in September – “There is something wonderfully Christian about September, especially baseball in September.”

A Tale of Two Mars Hills – Wonderful comparison of Rob Bell’s Mars Hill and Mark Driscoll’s Mars Hill, and their differing, yet similar falls from ministry.

How Do I Train My Children to Have a Biblical Worldview? – “One crucial aspect of discipling our children is simply helping them to see all of life in light of God’s glory and God’s story.”

Japan’s Surrender and a Protestant Ethos – “An Episcopalian, [General MacArthur] was not always a regular church goer, preferring to work on Sundays. But he was masterful in his deployment of Christian imagery as he practiced the priestcraft of American civil religion.”

Atlanta Hawks Owner to Sell Team – Bruce Levenson will sell team after sending “racially insensitive remarks” in an e-mail.

NFL Scores Week 1 – The 2014 NFL season kicked off last Thursday with the majority of games being played yesterday. Check out the scores and see how your Super Bowl predictions are shaping up.

If I have been able to see farther than others, it is because I stood on the shoulders of giants. —Isaac Newton


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