Morning Mashup 09/03

10 articles for your information, edification, and enjoyment.

Let No Special Need Hinder the Spread of the Gospel – Amen. Wondering how your church can minister the gospel to those with special needs? Look no further than this post.

Should I Attend a Same-Sex Wedding? – “Sometimes the most loving thing to do is not the thing that on the surface looks most loving…Going to a same-sex wedding is not the most loving thing to do because I don’t want to encourage my friends in actions that run contrary to God’s command.”

How Now Shall We Write? – Bethany Jenkins on how the authority of God is at risk through our use of modal verbs. This is such a helpful piece for preachers, teachers, and writers, especially.

Why Curing Cancer Matters to Me – Barnabas Piper is always entertaining and interesting to read, but in this short post he is particularly heartwarming.

What Would it Have Been Like to Attend a Puritan Worship Service? – History buffs, particularly church history buffs, like myself, will greatly appreciate this.

Walk With God For Joy – Jared Wilson says that Victoria Osteen most definitely wasn’t right in her recent comments, but she also wasn’t completely wrong. Read to see what he means.

The Osteen Predicament – Albert Mohler: “If our message cannot be preached with credibility in Mosul, it should not be preached in Houston.”

Victoria Osteen, the Glory of God, and Reformed Worship – Ok, ok, this is the last post on the Osteens. Promise! Ligon Duncan says at the very least, Victoria Osteen prompted an important discussion about the nature of worship.

War in Europe is Not a Hysterical Idea – Now before you tie Anne Applebaum to the stake for being a witch, you would do well to consider her opinion on the state of eastern Europe, Russia, and the comparison between pre-WWII and today. I am slow to take her thoughts to their logical end, but she does make some compelling points.

Church Re-Plant Grows From 13 to 1,300 in Ten Years – I love stories like this one. May this encourage you to further faithfulness in your ministry.

Never, never underestimate the power of the love of God to break down and transform the most amazingly hard individuals. –D.A. Carson


2 thoughts on “Morning Mashup 09/03

  1. Our awesome church administers to the needs of everyone, including my son who is autistic, my son who is blind and my daughter who is deaf. While it is easy to provide for the physical disabilities, (large print materials, a sign language interpreter at mass,) the autism poses more of a challenge. My son has been known to hide under the bench seat, jiggle toys in hand, listening.


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