Morning Mashup 09/01

We are kicking off September and Labor Day with a new edition of Morning Mashup. If you are like my wife and have today off from work, rest up! While you’re at it, grab a cup of coffee and read some (or all) of these excellent articles!

Victoria Osteen and Our Conservative Prosperity Gospel – Attention has recently been given to the blatant health and wealth gospel of the Osteens with the hilarious video of Bill Cosby responding to a ludicrous statement made by Victoria Osteen. However, Daniel Darling of the ERLC warns us to be cautious in our laughter, as we “offer a subtler version of the prosperity message in the way we talk about sanctification in this life.”

The Education of the Hobbits in The Lord of the Rings – Ok, ok, time to play my nerd card. I found this essay fascinating. If you are a Tolkien fanatic like I have become, you will greatly enjoy this piece.

Kentucky Baptist Convention to Recruit Foster Families – Stories like this make me proud to be a Kentucky Baptist.

Justice and Privilege – If you are white and are uncomfortable with the situation in Ferguson, this is one article you do not need to miss. Darrin Patrick gives an important challenge for all white Christians to consider.

A Novel Every Christian Should Consider Reading – Biblical counselor David Powlison recommends a unique work of fiction that he believes can awaken the soul to a more fully developed sense of worship.

Books on the Cross of Christ – While we are on the subject of books, I will commend this list compiled by Ligon Duncan. It is perhaps the most comprehensive list of books on the atonement that I have ever seen. Many of these books, the ones I have yet to read, have already made their way into my Amazon shopping cart.

7 Presuppositions for Faithful Christ-Centered Expository Preaching – David Prince on preaching is always a gem. Short. Profound. Helpful.

The Enduring Effects of Adam’s Transgression On Race Relations in Ferguson and Beyond – Jarvis Williams who is a professor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary writes, “I am not in the least surprised by this sad event or by the series of subsequent events that have emerged in the aftermath of Brown’s death.” Read the article to find out why.

Lay Aside the Weight of Self-Indulgence – I am always so blessed by Jon Bloom’s writing and this article is no exception. He writes, “Self-indulgence is spiritually dangerous to us because it’s a form of idolatry. It’s something we turn to instead of God for happiness.”

Faith-Hacking: Managing Your Kids Screen Time – Tim Challies seeks an answer to the following questions: “How do you motivate your kids to pick up a book or go outside? How do you govern screen time without it collapsing into constant bickering?”

What My African-American Sons Taught Me About Race in America – Jeremy Haskins gives a different perspective on racial tension, Ferguson, and the gospel in this open and honest article.

The eternal contribution of Jesus has changed the course of manhood forever. –Eric Mason


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