Morning Mashup 08/04

Aborting in the Name of Jesus – Russell Moore comments on a doctor who performs abortions because “Jesus wants him to.”

‘The Briefing’ is Back! – SBTS president Al Mohler returns with a new edition of The Briefing. He addresses the Ebola outbreak and IRS agreement to review Christian worship.

Mark Driscoll Apologizes for Crude Comments as ‘William Wallace II’ – Another Driscoll controversy. Another sad development. Another apology. Continuing to pray for Driscoll and those in Mars Hill churches.

Iraqi Christians’ Nightmare – Kirsten Powers: “Mosul’s Christians have fled to Kurdistan, which is providing refuge. Going back to Mosul is not an option: ISIS has given their houses and businesses away. There is nothing to go back to even if ISIS left.”

The Health Benefits of Trees – If this is true, my wife and I are set! The Atlantic reports: “They prevent $7 billion in health costs every year by filtering air pollution—not to mention their psychological effects. New research says the closer you can live to trees, the better off you are.”

Staying With Greek for the Long Haul – Learning Greek for the first time is a battle, but a very fruitful fight. The real struggle comes in the years following seminary. Once we leave the classroom, how can we make the study of biblical Greek a part of our lives? These New Testament scholars offer five insightful suggestions.

Was the American Revolution Sinful? – Does the American Revolution fit well with the Pauline principles of submission to government in Romans 13?

Stumbling Into the Future – Tim Keesee: “So we know what we don’t know, but what, as Christians, do we know? Here are four certainties with which to face the uncertainties of the next year — and the next 100 years.”

Invincibility Streak Ends for USA Basketball – Paul George’s gruesome injury will no doubt change the future of USA basketball. At minimum, NBA owners and executives will increasingly object to their players playing for their country in the summer. At most, even more of the NBA’s best will hold out from international competition. I hope it is limited to the former.

Do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment. For even the very wise cannot see all ends. –J.R.R. Tolkien


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